this is the magic offered by sinai   

A deep blue sea, coral reefs

red mountains, coloured sand, 

historical sites untouched by man, ancient rock inscriptions.

A small island just off the coast,

5km south of Taba. Follow in the footsteps of the legendary Lawrence of Arabia and explore the fully renovated medieval fortress with its towers, arched doorways, sleeping quarters, baths and kitchens.

Coral Island

Santa Catherina

The Colored Canyon has become a popular safari trek and lies between St. Catherine's Monastery and the town of Nuweiba. The strange rock formations, colored canyon walls and the utter silence all combine to create a magical sense of drama and other-worldliness.

 It is a magnificent surprise as you travel the road from either Taba or Nuweiba. After cruising along more typical Red Sea coastline and Sinai mountains, it appears suddenly between the mountains and takes your breath away.

Colored Canyon

Fjord Bay

Ein Hudra

The monastery was built by order of Emperor Justinian I. It is located over the site where Moses is supposed

to have seen the burning bush.

 A picturesque palm tree oasis surrounded by white sandstone mountains, is one of the most popular stopping-points during safaris. From the Nuweiba-St. Katherine road a short walk takes you past the Rock of Inscriptions, bearing inscriptions in a number of languages (Nabatean, Greek, Roman, Byzantine) including inscriptions by crusaders.

Ras Abo Galum

The protected Area of Ras Abu Galum in South Sinai, is simply breathtaking: blue-green crystal waters surrounded by stunning red granite mountains. Getting there by camel makes the experience even more special.

Ein Hudra

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